A Familiar Face Makes His Way Onto Star Wars Rebels – Welcome Saw Gerrera!!

Unless you’re a veteran of The Clone Wars then Rogue One was your first introduction to extreme Rebel Saw Gerrera. First introduced in the Onderon arc in season five of the Clone Wars, Saw was trained along with his sister Steela by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Commander Rex in their fight against the tyranny of Separatist occupation. Tragedy unfolds in the arc and leaves Saw a (mentally) scarred and bitter man, but certainly doesn’t take away his desire to fight. Dave Filoni (series director of The Clone Wars and Rebels) has often called Saw and his band of resistance fighters on Onderon the beginning of the Rebel Alliance.

We don’t know exactly what transformed Saw from this determined and hopeful fighter into the bitter extremist we witnessed in Rogue One, but thanks to the crew at Rebels we are going to begin to piece some of that together. In the two-part episode airing on January 9th, we see Saw is on Genosis doing some snooping on a top-secret project the Empire is developing and runs into the crew of the Ghost. I am very excited for this two-parter, not only because we get to see Saw but we also get to return to Geonosis and find out a little more about the fate of the planet and the Death Star’s beginnings there. The best part – he’s going to be voiced by none other thanForest Whitaker, the actor who portrayed him beautifully in Rogue One! Huge news indeed.

Check the video below with a little preview and some discussion from the minds behind Rebels: