Canon RE-Casting // Key Roles in Rebels & Bloodline

Hey, sometimes we slip. We think we’ve settled on the perfect choice for a role during one of our famed Canon Casting sessions and then BAM, we have to recast. Such is the case for two of our recent casting projects – albeit for different reasons. First up, I came under fire during our podcast and interview with Bloodline author Claudia Gray for my choice for the villainous Lady Carise Sindian. So, I decided to recast her, peer (or idol) pressure being what it is and all). Although I didn’t go with her choice for the role (Jaime Chung) I did opt for an Asian actress in the form of Rinko Kikuchi. I’m honestly glad she kinda called me out because I now think I’ve found the PERFECT choice for the insidious Lady Carise. Thanks Claudia!

Rinko Kikuchi as Lady Carise Sindian in Star Wars Bloodline

Next up is a character I struggled with mightily when casting Rebels. Kanan Jarrus himself – space jock turned blind Jedi mentor to our young hero, Ezra Bridger. I wasn’t comfortable with my first choice of Jared Padalecki from the get-go, and I’ve amended that mistake! I’m rolling with Ian Anthony Dale as of right now for the role. Sorry Jared, it’s not you, it’s us – sincerely, the Dork Side & Exhaust Port crew!

Ian Anthony Dale as Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels

Have anymore feedback or anything to add to either of these Canon Casting couch sessions or a possible future one?? Hit us up here and we’ll discuss!