The Exhaust Port Podcast – Episode VIII Has a Title and Huge Darth Revan News? – Todd is back with another edition of The Exhaust Port! This time I tackling the newly announced Episode VIII title, ‘The Last Jedi‘, and what it could possibly be in reference to. After that he takes a turn into Star Wars Rebels territory, specifically what the big reveal in ‘Trials of the Darksaber‘ could mean in regards to a fan favorite Legends character finally making his way into canon! Give it a listen below:

The Exhaust Port Podcast – Introduction and Anthology Film Opinions – Todd introduces his new podcast, The Exhaust Port, and gives some insight and opinions on where Disney and the Lucasfilm story group are headed with the Anthology films – specifically the third as-yet-unannounced one. Look for episodes of The Exhaust Port weekly, with tons of topics and guest as Todd digs deeper into all things Star Wars. Give it a listen:

Dork Side of the Force Podcast #5 – December 2016 – Todd and Joe are in studio talking about all things Rogue One. From the finished product, the characters, the reshoots and difference between the actual movie and the trailers, to the connection to the larger Star Wars universe, it’s all covered in our usual goofy style. Give a listen:

Dork Side of the Force Podcast #4 – October 2016 – Joe and Todd are back at it! As fate would have it (or the Force), a brand new Rogue One trailer dropped the morning we were all set to record. So we worked around it – with pleasure! We also covered the end of the hit-and-miss Darth Vader comic series and the Rebels resurgency. Give it a listen:

Dork Side of The Force Podcast #3 – July 2016 – Joe and Todd Discuss the new canon novels and comics, talk about how great the Rogue One reshoots are, and pick our first ForceFour – the Anthology films they personally want to see made (and of course, Todd cheats). Give it a listen:

Dork Side of the Force Podcast #2 – April 2016 – Joe and Todd hit on the aftermath of the phenomenon known as The Force Awakens – what did they like what did they have qualms with – and everyone looks forward to Episode VIII. Give it a listen below:

Dork Side of the Force Podcast #1 – December 2015 – Joe and Todd discuss the immovable object that is Star Wars Episode VII and ask the obvious question – can it live up to the hype? Also on the table are the prequels and ways to improve upon them. Give it a listen: