Essential Clone Wars Arcs, In Chronological Order

I’ve had some requests and questions about my essential The Clone Wars arcs series, which is awesome considering it was recently announced that the series is returning! And hey, I love questions, send more! People are mainly confused as to the chronological order of the arcs, as in what comes first. Well, I’m here to save the day! Listed below are all the arcs I ranked and reviewed in chronological order from first to last, so you guys can devour them in the order they were meant to be devoured. Also, you can hit the official Star Wars site for the official order of all the episodes, as they didn’t air in order. ****Also of note – I did not include the TCW feature film that kicked off the series, because it didn’t make the cut. Probably not a bad idea to watch it, though… If you choose to, it will be the first thing to watch, chronologically speaking.

Standout Standalone – Lair of Grievous:

The Queen of Geonosis and Her Zombies:

Standout Standalone – Lightsaber Lost:

Obi-Wan, the Duchess, and Death Watch:

Standout Standalone – Assassin:

Standout Standalone – ARC Troopers:

Witches of Dathomir:

The Prophecy of the Chosen One:

All Prisons Aren’t Created Equally:

Lost and Hunted:

Mutiny on the Shadow World:

The Onderon Rebellion and the Gerrera’s:

Revenge of the (Fallen) Sith:

The Apprentice Walks Away:

Sixty-Six Shades of Conspiracy:

Standout Standalone – The Lost One:

The Destiny of the Force:

So there ya’ go. I really love The Clone Wars – like REALLY love it. I hope the guide I’ve created helps you get the most of it as well – whether you’re just starting your TCW journey or you’re revisiting it! I had a blast putting these together, and don’t worry, I have more TCW based content coming your way over the next month or so. But for now, just sit back, hit Netflix (thank the Maker Netflix renewed their contract for the series!), and enjoy!