Galaxy of Heroes – February Login Character and Events Posted!

If you listened to The Exhaust Port from a few weeks back, then you know that Galaxy of Heroes has become somewhat of an obsession for both Reid and I. If you’re not familiar, it’s a free-to-play (although, there are microtransactions available if you wanna speed the process up), turn-based mobile game pitting heroes from the light and dark and across all eras against each other. If you haven’t checked it out, I would definitely recommend it, just be prepared to become obsessed with it. I’m not going to bore you with the minutiae of the gameplay and strategy, so for more information head to the SWGOH page on the Star Wars Wikia, as well as and – both of which are indispensable resources.

Having summed all that up, the login rewards and basic event calendar for February has been leaked, and it looks like everyone’s favorite droid liberator, L3-37, will be the free login reward all month long. As both AhnaldT101 and MobileGamer have speculated, this could mean the rework of the Droid Faction meta everyone has been asking for is finally going to happen, with a much-needed General Grievous character rework is quite possibly finally going to happen. This could be huge news, and would finally make the Droid Faction viable in Arena! Also, if you’re playing Galaxy of Heroes steadily, then you need to be following both of these guys’ YouTube channels, like seriously.

There is also a rumor circulating (which is discussed on both videos linked below) that an HK-47 rework is happening, paving the way for the introduction of Darth Revan and/or Darth Malak. The game has been building towards introducing both of those characters of late, with the recent additions of not only Jedi Knight Revan, but also Carth Onasi and Juhani, adding to the Old Republic faction that will most likely be needed to unlock these legendary heroes. It is worth noting that both of the aforementioned SWGOH experts feel like Malak is more realistic than Darth Revan at this stage, mainly because Jedi Knight Revan was just introduced and it would give the developer more time to milk the Old Republic era for all it’s worth. Either way, this is pretty exciting news for fans of the game!

Lastly, based on the calendar from the above link, it looks like both the Emperor’s Demise and Grandmaster’s Training Legendary Events will be returning in February, giving players the opportunity to unlock two of the best characters in the game – Emperor Palpatine and Grand Master Yoda! I would also wager a guess that there will be a few more events coming in addition to the ones listed in the calendar. We are due for a Marquee Event, and with the rumored Droid rework and the potential Malak/Revan event on the horizon, it opens up a lot of characters we could finally see in the game (4-LOM, yo).

Below are the two videos on the recent news I mentioned above for your enjoyment! Also, if you’ve been playing Galaxy of Heroes for a while and are looking to join a new Guild, hit us up on the contact page. Our guild has recently cleaned house and we’re looking to add some new blood (also, my ally code is 275-992-829 if you want to connect).