Hello To Another Round of DSoTF Merchandise!

We’ve been busy, and people have been LOVING the t-shirts, tank tops, coffee mugs, and even art prints that we are offering through our partners at TeePublic. So good in fact that we are continuing to churn out awesome Star Wars graphics for your consumption. Check out the latest wave of gear from your best-friends at Dork Side Productions below, and keep in mind, this stuff is ALL available on multiple types of items – not just t-shirts. Have a look and buy a couple, it helps us keep this thing afloat.

Wine, Star Wars, and Yoga Pants

Already a huge hit, we really hit the ground (or the yoga mat…) running on this one. A Star Wars design that appeals the all the ladies out there, you need to get on this for yourself or if you’re a dude for your girl! Oh, and the art canvas is sneaky rad here, also… just sayin’.

Wine, Star Wars, and Yoga Pants products from Dork Side Productions

Saw Gerrera, Partisan Rebel

Another design that speaks for itself. Revolutionaries respect revolutionaries – period. In the end Saw and his Partisan faction of the Rebel Alliance are shouting Viva, la Rebelion! Probably.

Saw Gerrera, Partisan Rebel t-shirt

Jyn, my Stardust

Who saw Rogue One and didn’t fall in love with the heroine and leader of our ragtag crew of Rebels, Jyn Erso. Borrowing a little inspiration from a couple classic Bowie albums, we created Jyn, my Stardust out of pure love and it’s become our best-selling product so far. Shocker, right? No. This particular design looks super sick on the higher-end tri-blend t-shirts and tanks we offer as well, take a peek at those.

Jyn Erso Stardust products by Dork Side Productions


And not to be outdone, we offer the simple Stardust logo for your consumptions as well. Don’t dig the pop-art, no worries, the Dork Side crew have your back – literally.

Stardust Jyn Erso products available from Dork Side Productions