Old Fossils and New Acquisitions – 2017 San Diego Comi-Con HASBRO Panel Part 1

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been a long while but I’m back and want to kick back off with a recap of Hasbro’s Star Wars panel from San Diego Comi-Con last weekend. I really think they had a successful panel and either showed us some great stuff that coming or told about some things that are a bit farther down the line. So, let’s get started!

3.75” Figures

5 P.O.A.

We were shown some new two-packs that are coming up. Hasbro seems to really be settling into this “Two Pack” area and I was impressed at what the 3 that they showed us: Luke/Wampa, Vader/Probe Droid, and Qui-Gon/Darth Maul. The Wampa was a great new sculpt for that creature and the Luke has got his blaster, saber and even has his scar. The Vader with probe droid is another cool set that fits into this two-pack theme. The Qui-Gon/Maul set will come with articulated wrists and even a break-away saber for Maul. All these sets are coming to us with strong sculpts and in my opinion, some thought seems to have been put into what characters/creatures to package together.

That being said, I think the reason I like these so much is that they look like the closest thing to a “Cinema Scene” set that we will be getting anytime some.


We are also getting new Hoth Leia and Emperor Palpatine figures as singles.

What I saw that tickled me the most is the return of creature sets with the Rathtar from The Force Awakens. Star Wars is known for its crazy creatures and has a long tradition of great toys that feature them and it’s continued here. I’m glad we are getting this, and with a Bala Tik figure for him to snack on!

Hasbro Rathrar & Bala Tik from SDCC17

Finishing up with some news bits, Hasbro did say that no Comic Packs were in the future and that they had no plans to start a Expanded Universe Stand alone line. While we really shouldn’t be surprised about either of those, I really think the comic Packs are a no brainer at this point because Disney is really putting a ton of content out in the comic book medium and those fans would eat it up.

The Vintage Collection

Most of what Hasbro revealed was just news about the line and what their intentions were, there were some a few images of prototype stuff.

First, they confirmed that they line would kick off with Rey, Kylo Ren, First Order Stormtrooper, and Dr. Aphra, in that order, with Rey being #116 in the line, then followed by a line of Rogue One figures.

Hasbro also said that they would be re-issuing some of the harder to find figures from the past, but also revealed that they had 5 figures in the works from new movies. They didn’t tell us who they were yet but hopefully they won’t make us wait too long.

We also found out that we would be get vehicles from the new line as well, with the reveal of an Imperial Assault Tank. It was described as being ultra detailed and should be very impressive when we finally give a hold of it.

I’m excited for this line and I really hope that collector’s embrace it again. Some things that gave me quite a bit of hope was that HASBRO reps made the statement that they want to do this line WITH the fans and not just FOR the fans. They said that they are watching forums and listening to feedback as to what fans want to see so when it comes down to it, the fans are really going to determine the success of this line. As expected, we are going to see a $10-$15 price tag for this figure, but personally I really think that is not bad for the for what we are hopefully going to see.

I think this line is really set up to become the “workhorse” of HASBRO’s Star Wars brand. This collection fall right in the middle of HASBRO’s price points between 3.75” 5POA figures and The Black Series 6” line. They are already using it to give us the fan’s choice winner and vehicles. This could be the line to use for mail-aways, play sets, multi-packs, and store exclusives if it takes off.

I hope you guys enjoyed this first part of the San Diego HASBRO panel breakdown. I’ll be back in a few days with the 6” Black Series part of the presentation, Forces of Destiny, and a few closing thoughts.