Old Fossils and New Acquisitions – 2017 San Diego Comi-Con Hasbro Panel Part 2

Welcome back everyone to the second part of our San Diego Comi-Con HASBRO coverage.

So, in the first part we talked about what we were shown as far the 3.75” line and some of what was coming later this year and 2018. For this part we are going to cover The Black Series reveals. So let’s just get to it!

SDCC Luke & Rey Black Series two pack

Jedi Master Luke/Jedi Training Rey
FINALLY! Just a few days before the con started, fans found out that one of the show exclusives was a Jedi Master Luke9 (Ep. 7) and Jedi Training Rey (Ep. 8). It came packed in a really nice bi-fold black with that classic “TBS” art on the outside. We waited two years for this figure and HASBRO did not disappoint. Luke is dead on perfect figure! I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. No lightsaber but I think that it’s appropriate for being movie accurate. Rey comes with the Gray robes that we have been seeing her wear in Ep.8. She comes with her lightsaber, staff, and pistol.
On a side note, I really hope this means she is keeping her staff in the new movies and if she builds her own saber, it is somehow incorporated into that staff.
Both these figures look great and we were told when they hit that they would be available in August for everyone who couldn’t make the show. I just like knowing that we finally have a Master Luke figure, and technically, the first figure from Ep.8.

Dewback with Sandtrooper
The Sandtrooper is a new sculpt and the Dewback will come with an articulated mouth and tongue. This is a great creature set.

SDCC Hasbro Black Series General Leia

General Leia
The presenters at the panel let be known that they were trying to honor Carrie Fisher this year with the first reveal of the Hoth Leia and then the General Leia from TFA. It looks like Carries Fisher thanks to a new process and will come with a removable jacket and pistol.

Rebel Trooper
He comes with a Blaster and removable helmet. It’s a great looking figure. The figure is also coming with the Death Star plans data card which is a cool add on. This may seem like a generic figure but considering the Rebel Trooper is in probably the most iconic scene from Rogue One, I think it was a smart play, I just wish that the figure came apart in at the waist to really recreate that scene.

SDCC Hasbro Maz Kanata Black Series

Maz Kanata
This one really shocked me. Maz was one of my favorite characters from TFA and now she’s getting The Black Series treatment! Articulated goggles for the face makes for one of the cooler features for an action figure I’ve seen in awhile. Maz also comes with a chest and Luke’s lightsaber. I said Luke’s lightsaber because at that point in the movie it was still Luke’s. Sue me. The sculpt and paint job are great too. This would have been my favorite figure, if not for this….

Captain Rex
I’m a big fan of The Clone Wars and Rex was easily my favorite character in the series so for me love this figure comes from a biased opinion but this figure is a work of art! Just look at it! Everything that made Rex’s armor so distinct translates to this figure so well. The blue accents, shoulder armor pads, skirt, dual pistols, and that super detailed removable helmet all make this figure exactly what this 6” series is all about. The face sculpt is straight from a laser scan of Temuera Morrison and it’s just like the “icing on the cake” of this thing. I really can’t say enough good about it. It’s my favorite figure that was shown to us and is an example of what HASBRO can do if they want to.

Padme Naboo Pilot Forces of Destiny

Forces of Destiny
Not much really but we are getting an Attack of the Clones Padme in pilot’s gear that looks nice. I still have high hopes for this line but we will see soon enough.

HASBRO had a successful presentation and showed some great stuff so I thought I would finish with some closing thoughts:

  • HASBRO did not directly address their infamous distribution problems of late and how things just don’t make it to shelves or make it in so few numbers that collecting has become frustrating for a lot of people. I think they did make an end run approach to it in a few ways by making comments about reissuing hard to find figures in new lines, mainly in TVC line. To me, this just seems like the easiest way to pay lip service to the problem instead of trying to fix it.
  • They did make mention that the prequels are going to start seeing more figures come out, and I’m excited for that. I read a few Q&A’s with HASBRO reps where they acknowledged that prequel fans are getting older and the prequels are seeing a resurgence in popularity that HASBRO will be taking advantage. Great news and about time.
  • We did get a Sept. 1st date for Force Friday II but nothing else. I’m a bit surprised by that but I shouldn’t be. I’ll do a write up soon when more details surface which should not be long.

I hope you enjoyed this recap of HASBRO’s Comi-Con reveals. What did you like/dislike? How do you think HASBRO is doing with Star Wars lately? Lets us know what you think with some feedback on the page. Thanks for following, and if you haven’t had a chance check out Todd and my conversation on the latest episode of The Exhaust Port, where we discuss not only collecting but a ton of other topics!

~ Eric

***Some images courtesy of OG Star Wars collecting site Rebelscum.com, check them out when you get a second!***