Op-Ed — When Trying To Educate The Masses Turns Into Oversaturation of Information

Alright, we are 10 days away from the release of Rogue One. From everything we are hearing it looks amazing – at least the 28 minutes people have seen. With the first standalone Star Wars Story Lucasfilm certainly faced some challenges. The main one being the fact that most people are struggling with the timeline and where it fits into the greater SW universe. Many people STILL think its a sequel to the wildly popular (and very good) The Force Awakes, and I get that. I get asked questions about Rey, Finn, Kylo, and more regularly, so obviously the general public needs to be beaten over the head some. I get that, totally.

Here’s my issue. We are being straight-up bombarded with information – from a new TV spot every day, so behind the scenes clips (which are admittedly pretty good), to early press conferences with the crew and cast. In my self-proclaimed expert opinion enough is enough. If they haven’t figured it out by now then I’m sure 20 minutes into the film or so they’ll settle in. Right?? I really don’t think the timeline will be hard to pick up on once the movie is rolling, and by the looks of every single thing we’ve seen this is going to be a very good addition to the Star Wars universe. Literally, our first actually War film in Star Wars, and this significance is certainly not lost on me. I am in love with the gritty footage, and the characters. Jyn Erso will be the next in line of amazing female heroines in the SW pantheon, Cassian looks better than advertised, K-2SO is a scene stealer already, and Baze and Chirrut are well, Baze and Chirrut. That doesn’t even touch on the inclusion of a great new villain in Krennic, as well as the big baddie in black. And visually – stunning. The best shit Star Wars fans have been treated to since the Prequels (TFA was a great film, but from a design perspective it was lacing, just admit it…).

My hope is the hype train will slow, but there is absolutely no chance at this point. Even I have shut down and look away when a new TV spot or internet clip pops onto my screen.

In closing, my hopes couldn’t be higher, as in 10 days we will be introduced to a Star Wars film the likes we have never seen, and I’m freaking pumped!!!! Let’s sit back and try and enjoy the ride – just cover your ears and eyes from this point forward, you’ll thank me for it!


Rogue One press conference