Opinion – Yes, I’m Pissed Off At Funko and Smuggler’s Bounty Right Now…

OK, so as we are on the eve of our own Smuggler’s Bounty box hitting our doorstep – the predictable Rogue One box – I feel it’s time to vent a little. Let me start off by saying our entire family loves Funko’s Star Wars POP Vinyl line. Like really, really, love them. We also have loved getting the “mystery” Smuggler’s Bounty box in our mailboxes every two months. The value is ridiculous, and there has never, ever been a product in a single box we were bummed on.

Well, with the aforementioned Rogue One box, I started to get pissed. Why you ask?? Well, the mystery was suddenly gone from the “mystery” box. They spoiled the POP figures from the R1 box very early, letting us all know we would get (another) Jyn Erso and (another) Death Trooper. Yeah, like there aren’t enough of those on the market already…. I was pissed. My 11 year old daughter was bummed, and that sucks. Word has recently leaked that among the other goodies Funko packs into each month’s box there is another exclusive POP vinyl figure. The question at hand? Does this make up for the spoilage of the box. I’m gonna say HELL NO!

I had at first thought this was a simple promotional scheme, a way for Funko and Disney to build some hype and awareness for the upcoming and unique standalone Star Wars film, Rogue One. Well, low-and-behold they announced January’s box, with a theme focused on The Empire Strikes Back, the greatest film of all time. However, they also spoiled at least a very large part of this box. Ugh!

Funko, why are you doing this?? There is absolutely no need to spoil these boxes! Sure, the Han & TaunTaun combo is amazing, like really amazing! But there was no need to spoil this. Let us – the collectors and the kids – enjoy the primary purpose of these boxes. And yes, I’m gonna post a pic of the January box below, and at this point, why not. If you’re pissed, hit up these guys. I’d love for you to tell them that they are blowing it in this respect!!

Funko Spoils Yet Another Box

Funko Spoils Yet Another Smuggler’s Bounty Box