Rebels Review – In the Name of Rebellion – S4, Ep’s 3 & 4

First off, I know I’m running way behind on these, and I promise to do better for the second half of the season. Seriously… OK, so after a lackluster start to season four of Star Wars Rebels, things kinda get back on track for episodes three and four with a two-parter entitled In the Name of Rebellion. Overall I very much enjoyed these episodes, with the fact that my expectations for the fourth season were significantly lowered after the premiere episodes. As always, ***SPOILERS*** after the pic, so if for whatever reason you haven’t watched these episodes turn back now, or better yet go and buy some awesome gear from our online fan art store!

Rebels Review - In the Name of Rebellion


I’m going to keep the overall recap of events brief and get to the meat of what I liked and didn’t like. To summarize, the Ghost crew make it to the Rebel base on Yavin 4 and quickly learn that Mon Mothma and the Alliance leadership doesn’t plan on taking action in the Lothal system right away, which frustrates Ezra for obvious reasons. Alliance leadership instead taps the crew to tap into an Imperial satellite and relay installation on Jalindi, but before the Ghost and our heroes can take off for the system a renegade astromech droid broadcasts a transmission of none other than Saw Gerrera who angrily blasts Mon Mothma and Alliance leadership as being cowards. Once the crew gets to the Imperial installation on Jalindi, Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper are tasked with rerouting Imperial communications with the goal of the Alliance being able to avoid enemy ships and blockades more efficiently. Things go awry when Sabine inadvertently tap into the system’s main comm channel, just as an Imperial cruiser captained by none other than Commander Brom Titus enters the system. Titus immediately recognizes Sabine and Ezra, but before he can capture them a U-Wing piloted by Saw Gerrera and Two Tubes enters the fray, calling for Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper to join him aboard his ship as he proceeds to destroy the base, taking down Brom Titus and his cruiser with it. Instead of rendezvousing with the Ghost and returning the trio, Saw recruits them for a mission of his own to infiltrate Faos Station and a civilian cruiser, which he believes is a front for the Empire to move secret cargo around, and it’s obvious his obsession with the Empires secret project has grown to new heights from his previous appearance in season three. What they find aboard the freighter is a group of captive scientists and a massive Kyber Crystal encased in Carbonite. Saw argues with Ezra and Sabine about how to proceed, arguing that the sacrifice of the captives is worth it if they can uncover what the Empire is moving and building. He proceeds to stuns the pair and uses Ezra’s lightsaber to start a chain reaction to destroy the Kyber Crystal. Luckily, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, and the prisoners escape the blast in the nick of time, as the Kyber detonates and destroys the entire ship as well as a Star Destroyer, this one with Captain Slavin aboard (another of the bumbling Imperial Commanders the Ghost crew continues to dupe…). In the end, Saw and Two Tubes escape the devastation and Ezra and Sabine’s party is rescued by Hera and Kanan, with the freed prisoners telling them that they will now work for the Rebellion. Ezra’s comment at the end to Kanan that ‘the Empire is on the verge of winning a war the Rebel Alliance doesn’t believe exists’ is telling, as we can see his time with Saw has rubbed off on him….

What I liked:

  • Saw Gerrera – the return of Saw Gerrera to Rebels was awesome, and I loved his evolved look and his continuing spiral into obsession and madness in regards to the Empire’s plans and secret weapon, which the audience knows is the Death Star. Forest Whitaker is again superb in his voice portrayal of Saw, and I’m hopeful that he has another appearance in the show before the series finale in early 2018. To me, Saw is the only dude who really sees what’s going on and the Alliance almost realizes it all too late, as the events of Rogue One point out.
  • Two Tubes – he looked amazing, and it’s always rad to see good old Two Tubes in the flesh, or rather animation… His look translated very well to the animation style of Rebels, which is always pretty hit-or-miss for me.
  • Kyber Crystals – yikes, that was another huge Kyber! I love what the story group has done weaving Kyber Crystals into so much of the Star Wars lore we know (or thought we knew) as we continue forward in the post-Lucas era.
  • Tie back to Catalyst the scientist prisoners was a nice little tie back to the Rogue One prequel novel Catalyst, as we know Director Krennic had a habit of making scientists disappear when they are deemed no longer usable or are non-cooperative. It was a nice touch, albeit a small one.
  • Dead Imperials – OK, so I was vocal in my previous Rebels Review about how Filoni and crew are too damn hesitant to kill characters. Well, we didn’t get any significant Rebellion deaths, but we did get TWO Imperial deaths, so that’s a start. Both Commander Brom Titus and Captain Slavin were Imperial buffoons who were duped and okey-doked repeatedly by Phoenix Squadron and the Ghost crew, and they both went down hard in this two-parter. Finally! More death, please — it is a war after all.

What could’ve been better:

  • Ezra and Sabine + Saw – although I dug the storyline that coupled up these characters, I really wish that Ezra and Sabine would’ve stayed with Saw for another story arc or two. In typical Rebels fashion, we had to wrap everything up all neat-and-tidy-like, but this was a real opportunity to expand the roles of our heroes in the war. I would’ve loved to see Saw’s brand of Rebellion explored more on the screen, and to have Ezra and Sabine elect to be a part of it would’ve been a nice touch. But alas, no go on that….

What just plain sucked:

  • Death Troopers – dude, why in the world are the Death Troopers communicating in unscrambled voices. I get it’s a kids show, but kids can read subtitles, too! Their method of communication was one of – if not the – coolest things about the black-clad Death Troopers in Rogue One, and the show really backed out of that in an unsatisfactory way in my opinion.
  • The destruction of Jalindi Station – I simply don’t understand why Hera is so upset with Saw for destroying the Imperial base when Ezra and Sabine were trying to do exactly that themselves when their original plan went awry. Dumb.

Overall, this was a nice rebound two-parter, but I can’t say my overall hopes of the final season have been elevated much. We’ll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out, but I have a feeling we are going to be left with an unsatisfactory taste in our mouths….. In the meantime check out the Rebels Recon on these episodes below: