Rogue One Final Trailer Breakdown – In Excruciating Detail!

Alright, let’s do this. I’ve been letting the “final” Rogue One trailer (and final one, supposedly — UPDATE, we’ve since been bombarded with new international trailers and TV spots…) ferment in my brain for over a week and now I wanna pick it apart, add some opinions, and give any insight into things I picked up that some may have missed. Also, please excuse some of the video player markings, as I screengrabbed them while multitasking…..

Rogue One Trailer shot

So we start off with a gorgeous shot of an as yet unnamed planet on which Galen Erso and his daughter Jyn Erso live. Just a gorgeous shot.

Above we see a shot VERY reminiscent of Luke on the Lars homestead from A New Hope as Galen is watching Director Orson Krennic and his squad of Death Troopers approach. These are beautiful shots and it’s pretty obvious that Orson isn’t there on a friendly visit. Also, the Death Troopers looks so awesome, very imposing. The second shot of Galen in what appears to be the aftermath of a rainstorm is also rad. Not pictured is a shot of Jyn and Galen having a conversation where he is making sure she understands everything he is doing and/or is about to do is all about protecting her. We see a quick shot of Jyn hiding in the weeds and I simply can’t imagine this ‘conversation’ between Krennic and Galen going very well. ***SPECULATION*** Krennic has arrived to cash in on a deal that was likely made during the events of Catalyst, the R1 prequel novel by James Luceno due to drop in November. It is also interesting that there is no image of Jyn’s mother here, as we know she has been cast and is appearing in the movie. Is she already dead?

Now we see Jyn awake from what seems like a dream. This may be the result of creative trailer editing, as the Star Wars creative team is famous for this. Either way, we see she is in an Imperial prison facility and is sharing the cell with a cool looking, tentacle-faced companion. Were they working together, or just sharing a cell? Either way, the Rebellion quickly busts in to save her. I honestly can’t quite tell if that’s Cassian Andor or not, which is weird, so I guess we will have to wait to find out when the film drops. It’s pretty obvious the Rebellion needs Jyn pretty badly if they are busting her out of a secure Imperial prison.

Fallen Jedi statue on Jedha Rogue One

Here we see a freaking amazeballs aerial shot of the U-Wing (new ship in the Rebellion fleet, more on it shortly) passing over an enormous fallen statue of a Jedi on the sacred planet of Jedha. For me this is the most visually stunning shot in the trailer, and really paints a picture for the viewer of how the galaxy has changed since the end of the Clone Wars.

Mon Mothma in Rogue One

Now we see the beautiful and fearless leader of the Rebellion, Mon Mothma in what appears (and is) the Rebel base on Yavin IV, as first featured in A New Hope. The story is starting to unfold here, as we learn the Rebellion wants/needs Jyn for a mission, hence the reason they busted her out of prison. It seems they intercepted a transmission from her father, Galen Erso, about an imminent weapons test and they grill her about the last time she’s spoken with him, etc. Let me take a second to say how awesome it is that they have the same actress playing Mon Mothma in Rogue One that played her in Revenge of the Sith, and the detail in the Yavin IV base is amazing to say the least. ***SPECULATION*** At this point it is becoming clear that Galen is either an unwilling participant in the Death Star project or simply didn’t know exactly what Krennic, Tarkin, and Palpatine were planning when they ‘recruited’ him. I am also going to say he initiated the opportunity for the Rebellion to steal the Death Star plans AND may have put the design flaw (exhaust port) into the super weapon so it could be dealt with. This would be an amazing addition to the Star Wars canon and would help what many fans feel was conveniently set up in the original Star Wars film….

To me, the next three shots are pretty telling about the state of mind Galen Erso is in, as well as Orson Krennic. But first off, the planet of Eadu looks very cool to me, I love this rainy environment. ***SPECULATION*** Galen is in deep poo-doo here, as it seems MAYBE Krennic has sussed out the fact that he may have been leaking info (and possibly more?) to the Rebellion. There’s a shot later in the trailer that seems to be from Eadu as well with Galen on his knees that to me don’t bode well for his future in the SW universe……

Rogue One Death Star over clouds

Don’t need to get into too much detail on this one, just a fucking amazing shot of the Death Star and clouds. Yassss!

A great shot of the U-Wing, the new iconic ship that’s being introduced in Rogue One, lifting off from what appears to be the temple on Yavin IV. I absolutely love the look of the U-Wing, and was super stoked when I realized legendary Prequel artist Doug Chiang was the lead designer on it. And then one of my favorite shots of the trailer. Our (likely) new favorite droid of the moment, K-2SO, informs the crew that someone has requested a call sign for the U-Wing. Bohdi replies with ‘Rogue. Rogue One’. I LOVE this, like really love it. This also answers a question I’ve had since the movie was announced, and that’s the simple question of ‘what exactly does Rogue One mean?’. Well, now we know. This should also tie nicely back into the original trilogy when Rogue Squadron is introduced, as in my opinion they are paying homage to the heroes from the mission of this film. If so, great job Lucasfilm story group!

Ok, now we get to some REALLY good stuff! The three pics referenced above are all awesome, two for obvious reasons, one for potentially a great reveal. In the first shot we get what appears to be a different angle of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader, aboard the Death Star as it seems to be locking in on a planet/target maybe? Either way, it’s a cool shot and it’s always rad to see Darth Vader in any kind of live action capacity. In the next shot we see Director Krennic demonstratively pleading his case about why the Death Star is the ultimate power in the universe. I for one can’t wait to see Vader’s reaction to this, as in A New Hope he was pretty adamant about how he felt about the Death Star’s place in the power structure of the galaxy….. The third shot is mysterious and it’s time for some ***SPECULATION***. I think this could very well be Grand Moff Tarkin making his appearance in Rogue One. We know he has to be in the film, and there have been all kinds of rumors about how Edwards and crew were going to pull it off – CGI, prosthetics, combination. I would imagine there is a bit of a power struggle going on in the Imperial ranks right now between Krennic and Tarkin, and possibly Lord Vader as well. And I think it’s pretty obvious who comes out on top…..

Mon Mothma and the Rebels on Yavin IV

Mon Mothma and the Rebellion leaders on Yavin IV! Wow, what a perfect recreation of the original base from A New Hope, complete with the flickering holo of the Death Star. If you look closely you can also see General Jan Dodonna and Bail Organa. Yes, Jimmy Smits will make an appearance in Rogue One.

The next gallery of images I kinda lumped together, as in my opinion at least three of these take place on Jedha. First up we have an awesome shot of an AT-ST doing some damage to a band of Rebels on Jedha. We then are quickly introduced to extremist Rebel Saw Gerrera, via a shot of his mechanical leg (which also looks very similar to that of a B1 Battle Droid… Can’t be, can it). The next shot is again of Saw, this time his upper body. It’s very apparent that Saw Gerrera has seen a lot of war in his days, and his armored suit seems to be some kind of life support system. Dang man, you’ve come a long way since the awesome Onderon arc on The Clone Wars. The last shot I don’t believe is on Jedha, but I lumped it in anyways. It appears our heroes are getting pumped up to head into battle, in what appears to be the U-Wing. ***SPECULATION*** Saw Gerrera will play an important, but short role in the film, reassuring Jyn that she’s fighting the good fight for all the right reasons. I don’t think he will survive, as it looks like his extremist band of Rebels are the ones getting wrecked by the AT-ST on Jedha. It is very interesting to me that Saw and his crew have set up shop on Jedha, and I for one think it’s awesome. I may be reading too much into it, but it could be a nod to the help that Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Anakin provided his fledgling band of Rebels on Onderon all those years ago. If so, hell yes, thanks again Lucasfilm story group.

Now we see the awesome new planet of Scarif. I am very excited for the scenes in this environment, as we’ve never seen a shore-based, tropical planet before in live-action Star Wars. Not really sure what the installation in the image above is, but it’s very intriguing. We also have a great shot of our Rebel heroes running through the jungle and Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO in Imperial disguises, seemingly prepping to infiltrate the facility pictured above in hopes of stealing the coveted Death Star Plans. I’m gonna go on record and say these are the WORST Imperial disguises I have ever seen. So yeah.. We also get a great shot of Chirrut with what appears to be a variation of a Bowcaster, which I find quite awesome!!

Next up we seem to jump back to some imagery from Jedha. First up we have Chirrut battling Stormtroopers (seems to be an extension of the shots from the first trailer) and we now see Baze is cleaning up after Chirrut wrecks one or two with his staff. Also of note is the wrecked X-Wing behind Baze, showing us there have been battles on Jedha before, as it appears to be old wreckage. Lastly in this group we see Two-Tubes. At a glance he appears to look like a bad guy, but I’m betting he is part of Saw Gerrera’s renegade Rebel cell. I think he looks cool as hell, let’s hope he’s not Rogue One’s version of Constable Zuvio…..’

Now we get a good look at ex-Imperial pilot Bohdi Rook. ***SPECULATION*** I have a feeling we are getting a glimpse of the end of Bohdi here, as he seems to be contemplating pretty heavily then running onto the Imperial loading ship we see blowing up in the first trailer. I think he may sacrifice himself here for the mission and his Rebel friends.

What!?!? We are getting a space battle in Rogue One!!!!!! So excited for this, as we didn’t get one in The Force Awakens. ***SPECULATION*** Is that Zev from The Empire Strikes Back?? He certainly resembles him, and his call sign was Rogue Two. Might be reaching, but….. it’d be awesome.

Here we have a couple shots of what appears to be the planet Eadu. From what we’ve see this is the planet where Galen is located. I love all of the new environments in Rogue One that we’ve seen so far, and at the risk of ruining someone’s idea of what the film should be, the design direction is very Prequel-esque, which I LOVE.

Jedha being blasted

****SPECULATION**** So yeah, it seems like this might just be the first weapons test of the not-quite-fully-operational Death Star obliterating the holy city on Jedha. Gnarly, and awesome!

Next up are a couple rad sequences from the battle on the Imperial research planet, Scarif. The jungle scenes are so beautiful and different from anything we’ve seen in Star Wars so far, and shots like these have me incredibly excited to see what Gareth Edwards and his team have in store for us. And yeah, that AT-AT foot trying to crush Baze is user-rad!

OK, so now we have some doozies. Darth Vader approaching Director Krennic with what seems like purpose, and Galen Erso on the rainy planet of Eadu in what seems like obvious distress. ****SPECULATION**** OK, so I’m wondering first is Vader exiting the Bacta tank from the first trailer here. That may be a bit of a stretch, but I’m still struggling to explain that shot. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised when the film drops! As far as Galen goes, has Krennic discovered that he leaked the Death Star plans and perhaps even created the design flaw that will allow the Rebellion to ultimately destroy the mobile battle station? Lastly, has Vader been called in by the Emperor and/or Tarkin to clean up Krennic’s mess???

Jyn Erso, May The Force Be With You

And finally, we have the hero shot of Jyn Erso telling her Rogue One crew, May The Force Be With Us. What a great shot.