Star Wars Resistance Mid-Season Trailer!

Yes, I have a lot of thoughts on the start that the new animated show, Star Wars Resistance, has enjoyed, but for now I’m going keep this short and sweet. The official Star Wars YouTube just dropped the mid-season trailer for the show (and a renewal announcement), and I gotta say, it looks great. While Resistance has started off a little on the kiddish side (I mean, it is technically a kids show, right?), I would imagine as the show progresses that we’ll be seeing the show take on a more mature vibe, similar to what ensued with both The Clone Wars and Rebels, and I think this teaser highlights just that, as the tone seems much more serious than what we’ve seen in the first half of season one. Lots of familiar faces show up in the footage, and all signs point to the season ending with the First Order’s destruction of the Hosnian system, as seen in The Force Awakens! Look for a more in-depth writeup on Resistance in the coming weeks, and in the meantime enjoy the trailer below: