The Exhaust Port – (Bonus!) – Greensboro Comicon 2017!

Wrapping up our convention coverage for the month of September we’re posting a bonus edition of The Exhaust Port, gathering and assembling chats from fans of all ages from the convention. From the introduction of Captain Hobbes and Astrocats, to members of the heralded 501st, The Exhaust Port was there! We’ve already posted two amazing interviews that merited their own, full episode of The Exhaust Port, so click here for that if you haven’t listened already… Below is a list of everyone included on the podcast (and Cashmere Jackson, if you’re out there, don’t worry – we have plans for your audio, also!).

  • Adam Agro, Mister Holty and Captain Hobbes from Astrocats sit down to discuss cats (yes, seems random but you’ll enjoy it, trust us…);
  • Mike Leonard joins Todd and Sequoyah on the heels of his trip to DragonCon and the trio pretty much discuss everything going on in the Star Wars universe;
  • High schooler Breanne Dacosta eagerly jumped in and we discussed her passion for Star Wars, and her awesome teacher who actually brought her students to Comicon!;
  • After Breanna, we are once again honored by the presence of the 501st. This time it’s Shanda Haddock, Tyler Foster, and Joel Mathre – and we get some breaking news from them!;
  • Lastly, scoundrel-esque cosplayer and fan Ryan Mc Daniel takes a seat for a chat with Todd just before the show wrapped!

All-in-all Greensboro Comicon was a resounding success for both The Exhaust Port and our brother company Dork Side Productions, and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

**bear in mind this was recorded on the show floor, so please expect some fluctuations in audio quality from guest to guest**