The Exhaust Port – Bonus! // Todd Goes Solo On Solo!

We’ve all seen the teaser and the TV spot for Solo, a Star Wars Story, and I gotta say, DAYUMMMM! So much damn that I decided to record a solo podcast (pun 1000% intended!) dishing out some of my initial thoughts on the teaser and just what we might be seeing. During this quick bonus episode, I do a full run-through of the teaser, breaking every-so-often to give my thoughts in real-time as I watch it, lastly adding some extra insight and opinions as to exactly what we might be looking at. I cover the characters and casting choices, and give some quick thoughts on the environments we are looking at. Lastly, I discuss some old Legends / EU storylines, characters, and locations we might be seeing when Solo drops into theaters everywhere in late May. Long-story-short — I’m VERY excited at what we have seen so far, and can’t wait to see what Ron Howard, Kathleen Kennedy, and the Lucasfilm story group have in store for us! In addition, below are some of the highlights (as well as links) to a few things I think you might wanna learn a little bit more about:

Until next time, enjoy, and May The Force Be With You!