The Exhaust Port – (Bonus!) Wake Forest Comic-Con Part One, the Kids!

Sorry it took a minute, but our two-part bonus episode of The Exhaust Port from the patrons of the Wake Forest (mini) Comic-Con on Saturday, September 9th is here! The first part focuses solely on the kids, the youth, the future of Star Wars fandom. We had engaging discussions on everything from Reylo (gasp!), to love for the original trilogy, and an engaging discussion with a passionate Star Wars Rebels fan. Oh, and the VP of the Wake Forest High School’s student council stopped by, a position I once held myself! Below is a list of the amazing kids on this bonus podcast:

  • Brooklyn Harbaugh
  • Aiden Caulfield
  • Hannah Cottrell and Michajah Owens
  • Tyler Cassidy and Emery Overbaugh
  • Tess Stewart (with her amazing ‘morning announcements’ voice)

Thanks again to all who came out and supported the Dork Side and our presence at this super-fun event. And a special thanks to Brandon Wright, owner of Play 4 Life Comics for putting on the event! Also, part two is up and it’s a can’t-miss, short and sweet episode where Todd’s parents make a guest appearance!