The Exhaust Port – Episode 33 // The Great The Last Jedi Debate

The dust has settled and it’s been over a month since The Last Jedi, the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga films has been released. We’ve had one podcast completely dedicated to the film with quite a few of the regular contributors of The Exhaust Port breaking down and all being in agreement in their love of Rian Johnson’s film. Eric and I also discussed the movie in depth during their collecting podcast from a couple weeks ago. Now it’s time to hear Dan and Dave’s takes (along with mine again, of course) and the great debate ensues. Dan has been very vocal (in his text messages anyway) about his lack of love for the film and his concern for the future of the Star Wars franchise in general, while Dave absolutely loves it. After an hour-and-a-half long discussion, do we meet in the middle? Listen to episode 33 and find out!


*and yes, we got so wrapped up in the debate we completely forgot to do this week’s installment of May the 4’s Be with You… I’m gonna work on that and (maybe) we’ll get a quick bonus podcast where the three of us can rectify that*