The Exhaust Port – Episode 37 // Solo Review and Discussion!

After a (too) long layoff we are back with a brand-new episode of The Exhaust Port Podcast! For episode #37 I am joined by Dave, Katrina, and Dan for a lengthy discussion and review about all things Solo, a Star Wars Story. The crew picks apart every detail of the film and come to the following consensus – damn, this is a fun ride. From Alden and Donald’s performances as Han and Lando respectively, to Chewie stealing the show, we cover it all. Wondering what we thought of the new characters as well? Yup, we threw down on that, of course. Oh, and how about THAT cameo?!?! And all those Legends / EU Easter Eggs and deep cuts! It’s a long listen but definitely worth your while (we think so at least). The wine was flowing and we got a little loopy at the end (at least Dan and I did), and yes, that was a Theo Huxtable reference. And I misidentified a reference to the Tonnika sisters and we almost forgot to do this edition of ‘May the 4’s Be With You’. Sue me, we’re rusty. And yes, we want an Enfys Nest film ASAP!

We also touch upon the toxic element that’s taking over segments of Star Wars fandom, especially as it pertains to the Kelly Marie Tran, Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy situations. The consensus on that? Get a life people, seriously. Our feeling on it is that whether you like The Last Jedi or not, you are only hurting yourself by not heading into the theaters to see Solo, you’re gonna regret that one.

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