The Exhaust Port – Episode 38 // State of the Star Wars Galaxy

Todd and Reid are back together for the first time in a few months to catch everyone up on their take on what’s going on in the Star Wars galaxy! For episode 38 of The Exhaust Port, the duo briefly discusses Solo, a Star Wars Story before diving headfirst into the state and health of our favorite franchise. After taking a look at the possible reasons behind the box office failure of the aforementioned Solo, we look to the future of Star Wars storytelling with The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson’s upcoming trilogy of films, the Benioff and Weiss films, the rumored Kenobi and Fett projects, and of course the Favreau live action TV show debuting in 2019 and Dave Filoni’s latest animated series Resistance, which drops this fall. And don’t worry, we didn’t let the toxic segment of the fandom off the hook and of course we give our thoughts on Kathleen Kennedy and her tenure so far and future at Lucasfilm…

Covering everything from what we know to what we think, nobody does it better than Todd and Reid! Also of note is this week’s ‘May the 4’s Be With You’, with the topic being four other characters that could’ve been used in place of THAT character at the end of Solo!

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