The Exhaust Port – Episode 39 // The Fandom Menace

Come for the amazing Star Wars discussion, stay for Sequoyah’s George Lucas impression! That’s right, Sequoyah rejoins me for one of the very best episodes of The Exhaust Port Podcast of all time. We tackle the bantha in the room and ask the question – is Star Wars fandom ruining Star Wars? – in an episode called The Fandom Menace. During this two-hour podcast, we cover a huge variety of topics, many of which are at the forefront of fandom today. What happened with the Solo box office and where does Lucasfilm go from here? How many Star Wars films and projects per year is enough or too many? Why does a certain segment of the fanbase feel like it’s ok to go with a mob mentality and bully creators and stars on social media? Should said creators and stars be able to defend themselves when enough is enough? How much blame does Kathleen Kennedy, and to a lesser extent Rian Johnson, deserve for the divisive nature of the fanbase right now? Could George Lucas ‘save’ Star Wars? (spoiler, it doesn’t need saving, quite the opposite)… Is Marvel the new ‘fandom’ and why is it not only universally loved but given a pass on certain things when Star Wars isn’t? What the hell is a social justice warrior and is that even a bad thing? Was The Empire Strikes Back universally lauded when it came out? Is it time the ‘A Star Wars Story’ movies go bye-bye in favor of a more connected SW universe? And much, much more.

Lastly a warning – there are quite a few f-bombs in this one (more than usual) as we got going and pretty worked up as the conversation flowed. Having said that, if you listen to The Exhaust Port regularly you’re probably used to it so it shouldn’t be a thing, and this is a great episode of our podcast – one of the very best. We hope everyone gives it a listen.