The Exhaust Port – Episode 40 // Nostalgia in Star Wars (With Video!)

Reid is back in the co-host’s chair for a very special 40th episode of The Exhaust Port, everyone’s favorite Star Wars podcast! Not only do you get to hear our amazing voices waxing on all things that make Star Wars so nostalgic to fans, but you get to see our faces! That’s right, thanks to our good friend Joe at Rough Cut Productions we have a full video of the recording session! We had an absolute blast recording and filming this episode in Reid’s man-cave, and hope you guys enjoy it! So, on to the topic at hand – NOSTALGIA. What is it that makes Star Wars tug at our heartstrings so much, and subsequently makes it hard for us to let go of the stories and characters we’ve grown up with? We discuss the path that the franchise has walked to get to where we are today, including some tidbits on the psychology of it all (Joseph Campbell, people!). I also make some points about the canon reboot after the Disney takeover, which I go into detail in my article from this past week discussing whether or not Lucasfilm is making the grade so to speak… Wrapping things up we finish with our ‘May the 4’s Be With You’ topic of the week, which is to rank Harrison Ford’s four appearances as everyone’s favorite scoundrel with a heart, Han Solo.

Please give the video a watch, as we would love to do this again sometime! We also can’t thank Joe at Rough Cut Productions enough for taking the time to film and edit the video, it turned out great! If you’re digging what we do please take a moment to subscribe to the podcast and more importantly, leave us a review, as it helps the show out a ton. And until next time, MTFBWY!