The Exhaust Port – Episode 42 // Ramble On!

The boys are back with episode 42 of The Exhaust Port! Todd is rejoined by Sequoyah in a rambling yet insightful podcast with the main focus being worldbuilding and the future of Star Wars post-Skywalkers (gasp!). Emotions and frustrations run high during parts of the episode, and the guys are all over the place. But hey, it’s Todd and Sequoyah, so you know it’s on point, right?. Some highlights include:

  • New theme music!;
  • The DC & Marvel cinematic universes juxtaposed against the potential future of a more connected Star Wars universe (also, if you’re growing tired of the Marvel / DC talk, just skip to minute 31:00 and you’ll be good to go, as it’s pretty much Star Wars from that point on out);
  • Sequoyah drops some Batman and Bane impressions!;
  • The boys discuss the last two SW films, specifically Solo, a Star Wars Story’s release and reception, and Todd’s over-the-top admiration of all things Rian Johnson;
  • Todd dishes his usual brand of tough love towards Star Wars fans (you should be used to it by now, haha);
  • How about Todd’s wild Episode IX theory (hint – baby and prophecy, anyone?!);
  • Nick Nolte’s playing what in The Mandalorian (credit to Making Star Wars);
  • Sequoyah brings his unique insight into a conversation about the sad state of Star Wars comics;
  • Todd hates on Return of the Jedi some (shocker);
  • Lastly, Todd is still way too bitter about the haters of The Last Jedi!

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