The Exhaust Port – Forty Years of the 40rce with Sequoyah, Dan, and Katrina

Did you hear somebody had a birthday? Yes, our beloved Star Wars, the film franchise that we all obsess about has turned 40 years old. Wow. For the 12th episode of The Exhaust Port, Todd sits down with an all-star Dork Side Productions roster for a Rancor-sized podcast extravaganza entitled Forty Years of the 40rce!! Sequoyah Winston, Dan Bruer, and Katrina Canipe all sit at the table as we discuss the history and journey of the entire Star Wars franchise, how amazing it has all been, what makes it so magical, how it almost didn’t happen, and how it’s affected all of our lives on a daily basis. Enjoy, and as always, stick around until the end of the bloopers!