The Exhaust Port – Huge The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown & Lots of Speculation with Todd, Joe, and Katrina!

We are back at it for episode 28 of The Exhaust Port podcast with another breakdown of The Last Jedi trailer, accompanied by copious amounts of theories and speculation. Todd is joined by Joe Ovies from 99.9 the Fan and the lovely Katrina Canipe, and the trio gets straight to the meat of the trailer, breaking down all the memorable shots with heavy amounts of theorizing along the way – some of it potentially shocking. Although these are just opinions of the host and his guests, we do have to do a quick ***SPOILER*** warning for those wanting to go into The Last Jedi completely dry! And don’t forget to check out Todd & Sequoyah’s initial trailer reactions in this bonus episode of TEP that was recorded literally minutes after the trailer first aired Monday night.

~Enjoy, and May The Force Be With You!