The Exhaust Port – Kids Only Edition from Supercon!

The Dork Side is all about the kids! We were lucky enough to interview quite a few awesome, younger Star Wars fans on the floor at Raleigh Supercon and compiled them into one podcast – and quite frankly, it’s awesome!

First up is ten-year old Jared Dansky, a self-proclaimed geek! We talk about his love for Chewbacca and how surprised he was when Han Solo bit the dust in The Force Awakens. Next up is Jackson Johnson, who was wearing an awesome Artoo t-shirt that caught my eye! He and I talked about Kylo Ren’s defeat at the hands of a seemingly untrained Rey, Force powers, and video games. Following Jackson, sisters Hannah and Nicole Scott sat down at the Dork Side booth and charmed the heck out of me with their general love of Star Wars and their huge smiles! We talked about the cosplay outfits they rocked on the different days of Supercon, their general love of all things Star Wars, and my Funko POP obsession! After Nicole and Hannah I sat with the trio of Avery Black, Alanna Johnson, and Selena Smith. After breaking the ice discussing their overall Supercon experience, we moved on to them being surprised at the big reveal in The Empire Strikes Back, and wrapped it up with the age-old question, who was cuter – Han or Luke! Their answers might surprise you… I ended the podcast with Wyatt Wright, who happens to be in the 501st Galactic Academy, and rocks a totally legit Mando outfit! We talked about two of my favorite subjects – Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka Tano!

I have to admit, this was one of the most fun podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of editing, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it! Be on the lookout for one more Supercon podcast releasing tomorrow as we close the door on an awesome con experience!

Also, bear in mind all the Supercon podcasts were recorded on the show floor, so please excuse any volume fluctuations and crowd noise. Although the crowd noise is pretty awesome!!