The Exhaust Port – Rebels Recap; the Good, the Bad, and the Ezra, with Seqouyah Winston

After a long break (my bad, life got in the way for a minute), The Exhaust Port podcast is back with a great episode we are calling The Good, The Bad, and The Ezra! Sequoyah Winston joins me once again and we dive head first into all things Star Wars Rebels season three. From Thrawn to Kallus to the Bendu to the Darksaber to Convors and on to our heroes, we hit all the high points, the low points, and the Kanan & Ezra points… The conversation flows and we really get into the meat of not only the latest season, but also where we think the creators are going as we move forward towards the Rogue One / A New Hope era. As an added bonus I put a few bloopers on the end, so yeah, laugh at me!