The Exhaust Port – Reunited And It Feels So Good! Joe Ovies Reunites with Todd for an Hour of Star Wars Talk (and Bickering!)

Joe Ovies from 99.9 The Fan joins Todd for episode 22 of The Exhaust Port podcast, and the circle is now complete! The boys planted the roots of this podcast two years ago and now Joe is back in the Dork Side fold – albeit on the other side of the table! Short and sweet, with the usual amount of healthy banter, some arguing, and just enough snark. Topics covered range from catching Joe up on the latest and greatest Star Wars news & rumors (which he’s trying to avoid), to bickering about the significance of Rogue One, the ongoing drama that continues to surround the standalone films, and of course, porgs.

Sorry for the delay in release, there were some audio issues that had to be addressed (you’ll be able to tell it was previously recorded as we speculate about Game of Thrones events that ended up happening on the season finale, etc.). We apologize for the delay, but promise it’s a fun listen, as always!