The Exhaust Port – Star Wars Book Club Returns to Tackle Thrawn and Tarkin!

Episode 23 of The Exhaust Port podcast is a wrap and guess what? Star Wars Book Club is back with a bang!! Todd is joined by Katrina Canipe and Dave Bartholomew once again, and the trio tackle Tarkin and Thrawn and live to tell the tale! From the triumphant return of Timothy Zahn to the Star Wars writing universe and the improvements to the new canon version of our favorite Chiss, his awesome job fleshing out the backstory of Ahrinda Pryce (originally seen in Star Wars Rebels), and the amazing development of new characters like Eli Vanto and the mysterious Nightswan, the Dork Side crew kneels at the feet of this amazing work of Star Wars canon! We also contrast Thrawn with Tarkin (by Star Wars writing god, James Luceno), touching on the similarities between the two books, as well as how different each uber-villain is. Last but certainly not least, we touch on both of their intersections with Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine. Oh, and Todd and Kat bicker about the old EU/Legends stuff, but what else is new, haha. Enjoy!

***This episode was originally recorded on Thursday, August 31st if anyone is wondering why we are harping on Force Friday***