The Exhaust Port – Supercon Podcast #1 with Matthew, Rob, David, the Houff’s, and Ira

Raleigh Supercon was a huge success for all of us here at Dork Side Productions. So much of a success that we had to split all the audio (11+ hours of raw audio) into a few different podcasts. Here is the first of the batch. First up we talk with Matthew Creech about his affiliation with the 501st Legion, Star Wars animation, and more. After Matthew we have superfan Rob Kerns sit down to chat about The Empire Strikes Back and his work with veterans with Next up we chat with David Lehman – who happened to have the booth next to us with Bewitching Dreams and Dragon Hoard – all about the things he didn’t like about The Force Awakens, his appreciation for the prequels and the Old Republic, the steampunk movement, D&D and more! After David we sit down with Todd & Shannon Houff, who have their own podcast called The Adventures of Todd and Shannon, about the old Legends EU, Zahn and Thrawn, and the potential of Revan returning to the official SW canon. Lastly, Ira Wade sits down across from us and we chat with Tpdd and Keaton Canipe about the real-world feel and climate of Rogue One, getting two unique opinions in the process. Not to mention Ira is going to be sitting down with Todd one-on-one for an entire podcast on the Force in the coming weeks, so here’s your introduction to him!

Be on the lookout for the rest of the amazing Supercon coverage in the coming days, including our sit-down’s with authors Claudia Gray and Kevin J. Anderson!

Also, bear in mind all the Supercon podcasts were recorded on the show floor, so please excuse any volume fluctuations and crowd noise. Although the crowd noise is pretty awesome!!