The Exhaust Port – Supercon Podcast #2 with Rich, Jason, Steve, Andy, and the 501st!

We wrap up our Supercon podcast series with a long, awesome edition to The Exhaust Port! Right off the bat Sequoyah and Todd sit down with dark side lover Rich Silver and discuss all the Rey theories that are floating out there, have a great discussion on the Force in general, and Rich’s background in martial arts. After Rich, we have the pleasure of chatting up Jason Bullock on one of our favorite subjects – Star Wars comics! In addition to the comics, we wax on how awesome The Clone Wars series was and how it added to the prequel era in general. Next up we had the good fortune to meet and have Steve Heineman sit down at the table. Steve is from the midwest and helps produce a podcast series on YouTube called Beyond the Blast Doors! Steve and Todd talk about all things Star Wars – literally. Look for some crossover with The Exhaust Port and Beyond the Blast Doors in the future! A celebrity sits down with us next – Andy Field, voice actor of HandUnit on Five Nights at Freddy’s! Andy and Todd discuss a ton of subjects including their love for Star Wars action figures, and Andy gives his unique insight into Rogue One with his own military background as the basis of the discussion. Fascinating stuff to say the least! Lastly, Todd has three members of our local Carolina Garrison of 501st Brigade sit down and discuss the process of getting into the 501st, the complexity of the costumes, the fact that Lucasfilm has retcon’d the canon to include them, and the amazing charity and community work they provide!

I can’t stress enough how much fun we had at Raleigh Supercon, and we are already jonesing to get back and do it again next year. Thanks to everyone who sat down and chatted, and of course everyone who bought t-shirts and supported our effort to get awesome fan art in the hands and on the backs of fans!

Also, bear in mind all the Supercon podcasts were recorded on the show floor, so please excuse any volume fluctuations and crowd noise. Although the crowd noise is pretty awesome!!