The Exhaust Port – Welcome Ronnie Adams & Austin Getzelman, Star Wars All-Stars from Greensboro Comicon!

Let us start by saying we had a blast at Greensboro Comicon a couple weekends ago, and got a ton of good audio, met lots of amazing fans, and enjoyed the vibe! Once in a while at a convention we have a guest (or guests) that merit a legit, fully numbered episode of The Exhaust Port podcast (see our amazing episode from Supercon where we interview Star Wars super-authors Claudia Gray and Kevin J. Anderson). Well, it happened again, and we are stoked to add well-rounded Star Wars fans Ronnie Adams and Austin Getzelman to our growing family here at The Exhaust Port and Dork Side Productions. First up is Ronnie, who also hosts a podcast called the Screaming Boy podcast, and joins a deep-dive with Todd and Sequoyah on a number of subjects, but highlights include thoughts and plans on current and future standalone films, the Special Editions, and whether or not George Lucas should stay away. Next up is Austin, who also happens to work at and help manage OG NC comic book shop ACME Comics in Greensboro! The trio literally hit every single subject imaginable about Star Wars, including literature (Todd was stoked) and Rebels.

Both of these guys were so good we are hoping to have them back for their own, standalone episodes of The Exhaust Port soon! And don’t worry, the BONUS episode from Greensboro Comicon will be posted tomorrow, so if you sat down and recorded with us we’ve got you covered!

**bear in mind this was recorded on the show floor, so please expect some fluctuations in audio quality**