All Four The Last Jedi Covers from Vanity Fair!

Yes, it’s that time in the cycle when photographer Annie Leibovitz posts the amazing photographs she snapped during her visit to the latest Star Wars film – The Last Jedi. We are getting four different covers focusing on our gaggle of protagonists and antagonists. I’ll post them below but I have a few quick thoughts, like really quick:

  • Gwendoline Christie looks GREAT without her helmet, and I hope we get this look in the film for her. She’s a gorgeous, powerful woman and she certainly deserves it.
  • Hux looks creepy, as he should…
  • Kylo Ren is showcasing this cape we’ve heard so much about, as well as his facial scar from his duel with Rey on Starkiller base. As director Ryan Johnson has already stated, he moved and minimized the scar for aesthetic purposes, and that’s good enough for me. Move along, move along….
  • General Leia looks stunningly gorgeous in her cover. This will be a very bittersweet film to watch, I can’t imagine how hard post-production has been in the aftermath of Carrie’s death.
  • The Resistance crew looks EXACTLY the same – same costumes, same everything with one addition — Kelly Marie Tran as Rose. She looks great, can’t wait to see what this crew is up to and I’m stoked that at least on paper it seems Finn and Poe will be reunited.
  • Rey and Luke look as expected, and this shot is representative of the very start of the film. We do know that Rey’s look evolves slightly throughout the film, as she adopts more of a Qui-Gon Jinn aesthetic….

Overall, these look great. If you’re interested in early access to the full Vanity Fair article you can purchase a package with all four covers, a year subscription to VF, and early digital access to the article here.

I’ll revisit once I read the article and give some thoughts, of course.