Todd’s Rebels Review – Imperial Supercommandos – S3, Ep6

Alrighty, we got another rock solid episode of Star Wars Rebels this past weekend, titled Imperial Supercommandos. Overall I thought it was a decent installment, but not my favorite (or second, or third…) episode of the season. However, I loved how it advanced Sabine’s story, as we seem poised to see her really come into her own this season, and Imperial Supercommandos was a huge step for her in my opinion.

Sledgehammer r8 at 2:50 to microphone fiend r8 at 0:02 (beat works early, but keep it low) Microphone fiend

So we start off with Fenn Rau, still imprisoned by the Rebels, and Sabine playing what appears to be an old Mandalorian holo-game. I wish we had gotten to see more of it, it looks pretty interesting, but hey, no biggie. We then learn that the Protectors, the group that Fenn led and that the Rebels made a deal with in season 3 for safe passage, have gone dark – no communication. Hera sends Sabine, Ezra, Fenn, and Chopper to Concord Dawn to ascertain what has happened, with the stipulation being they don’t land and Fenn Rau stays in cuffs… Well, so much for that, as Fenn knocks Ezra unconscious and then stuns Sabine. When our heroes awake they realize Fenn has landed the new Phantom (their newly acquired ship, see the last review) on Concord Dawn and set out on his own. When they catch up to him, he is obviously distraught at the site of his Protectors campsite being razed to the ground.

Protectors of Concord Dawn Camp Burns

It is at this point we realize that there are Mandalorians working for the Empire as Supercommandos. When they go and investigate Ezra is captured, while Sabine and Fenn escape and observe the goings-on from a perch above the camp. It is here that we learn the leader of the Supercommando crew is none other than Gar Saxon. Not familiar with that name, well (if you can find it) read the canon comic series Son of Dathomir, where is is the leader of Maul’s Mandalorian guards. He even wore a dope ass Mando helmet with spikes intended to mimic Mauls horns. Yeah, mad cool.

Gar Saxus of Death Watch

Ezra does his typical lie-after-lie dance (which quite frankly is getting old, considering how powerful we know he is now, more on this below..), and eventually uses the force to save Chopper from Saxon, who was gonna blow him up to get Ezra to talk. At that point Sabine and Rau come up with a plan, with Sabine bombing the camp with shock grenades, freeing Ezra.

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren fight the Imperial Supercommandos

Well, our buddy Fenn Rau, while saying he’s going to secure the ship, actually steals it and heads out of Concord Dawn, leaving Sabine and Ezra to fend for themselves. The awesome news? Sabine commandeers a jetpack (which she is VERY excited about) and she and Ezra blast off and have an amazing chase through through the mountains of Concord Dawn, where Ezra (finally) displays some semblance of skills, a highlight being running on the mountain side while deflecting blaster bolts.

Long story short, all the Mando Commandos get crushed, leaving only Gar Saxon, Ezra, and Sabine on a mountain top. A fight ensues, during which Sabine kicks some major ass (I love her). However, the conversation that takes place is the most interesting part of the episode, at least in my opinion. Saxon informs Sabine that her mom is working with the Supercommandos and the Empire, so which Sabine seems moderately taken aback. Before we can get too far into this storyline, Fenn shows back up with the Phantom, destroys Gar’s starship (which is one the the ever-so-rad Mando ships from the Clone Wars!!!), leaving him on the ridge. Sabine blasts off with Ezra and Chopper in tow and right before they hit the loading ramp Gar blasts her jetpack. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted… Ezra grabs her, pulls her in, and the escape from Condord Dawn is on…

Fenn Rau Returns to Concord Dawn

At this point, Fenn Rau shows much respect to Sabine for her loyalty to her Rebel cell and agrees to join them. This is huge, in my opinion.

What worked for me:

  • Sabine. Wow, I love her character development this season, and at this point there is little doubt she is assuming the role of the second main character in the series, after Ezra. Yes, even above Kanan.
  • Gar Saxon. I love his reintroduction into the series, especially since you can’t even find the Son of Dathomir comic series anymore, so yeah. Loved that guy, and I’m sure he’ll be back en force as the season and Sabine’s storyline progresses.
  • The mystery of Sabine’s mom. Who is is. My money is on Rook Kast, a member of Maul’s Death Watch group when he was in control of Mandalore. I guess time will tell on that.
  • Fenn Rau joining the Rebels. This is awesome, as it not only allows us to explore more of Sabine’s Mando heritage, but also gives their Rebel cell a very formidable fighter, which in my opinion they need.

What didn’t work:

  • Ezra. Dude, come on man. Just when I was starting to like you, you go back to the Ezra from early season 2. You’re on the verge of being a legitimate, formidable Jedi, freaking act like one!

That’s pretty much it. I understand the format of Rebels and the storytelling is different from The Clone Wars, but I still really wish we could get multiple episode arcs to flesh these stories out a little more. Oh well, is what it is. Overall, this season of Rebels is so good so far, with no filler episodes in my opinion.