Todd’s Rebels Review – Iron Squadron – S3, Ep7

Ugh, so we have our first ‘filler’ episode of the third season of Rebels, titled Iron Squadron. What a wasted opportunity, here. We had Thrawn, a chance for meaningful crew to be added to the Rebels squad, and a missed opportunity in regards to Dash Rendar and the Outrider.

The essence of the story is that a crew of very young insurgents on the planet of Mykapo are taking on the Empire (so they think) head to head. Well, it turns out the leader of this crew is the long-lost nephew of Commander Sato, Mart Mattin. Well, Mart and his crew are grossly overmatched (shocker) and need Phoenix squadron’s help.

This review is gonna be short, so I’m gonna sum it up right here: the Iron Squadron crew sucked, like really sucked. Just when Rebels was catching it’s stride we are thrown for a loop and reminded this really is a kids show. And I was again reminded how lame Rebels is in regards to it’s predecessor, The Clone Wars.

What worked for me:

  • Ezra’s growth, specifically him remembering an exact quote from Yoda
  • Thrawn playing mind games with Admiral Konstantine

What didn’t:

  • More or less everything else…
  • The crew of the Iron Squadron was a bunch of tools, as in really lame characters. I’d be more than happy to never see them again
  • Thrawn letting the Ghost and the Rebels go AGAIN. Come on dude, you gotta do something at some point, right???
  • Huge missed opportunity to introduce Dash Rendar or the Outrider at the very least. I mean, come on….. That Corellian YT-2400 is more or less supposed to pay homage to the Outrider, correct. Just do it already.

Meh, I’ll throw a couple images in for good measure, because I don’t have much else to post…. Here’s to next week….