Todd’s Rebels Review – The Wynkahtu Job – S3, Ep8

So we are officially in the early-season lull in season three of Rebels. I was really hoping that the eighth episode, titled The Wynkahtu Job, was going to be a return to form. What with the return of fan-favorite Hondo Ohnaka and the very entertaining Azmorigan, I was expecting a great episode. What did we get? A huge step up from last weeks Iron Squadron debacle, but still more-or-less another filler episode.

Ezra and Hondo in The Wynkahtu Job

Here’s the quick synopsis. Ezra and good old smuggler Hondo Ohnaka have schemed up a mission for the Ghost crew to acquire a stash of Proton Bombs from an abandoned Empire freighter over the volatile planet of Wynkahtu. Also making an appearance is the morally corrupt (but pretty funny) Azmorigan. It’s pretty obvious that Hondo and Azmorigan have another plot up their sleeves, and essentially they want the treasure left about the abandoned freighter while the Rebels get the bombs.

The Ghost crew, Hondo, and Azmorigan discuss the Wynkahtu Job

Of note on this mission, Hera puts Zeb in charge, much to Ezra’s chagrin. More on that below…. Well, things don’t go as planned, and during the extraction of the loot Chopper inadvertently wakes up a crew of Sentry Droids that were assigned to guard the freighter and it’s cargo. More on this below as well…

In the end, the crew escapes with a decent sized lot of Proton Bombs, while Hondo and Azmorigan end up with what they believe to be a treasure chest, but ends up being one of Hondo’s crew of Ugnaughts that he was more than willing to leave behind. More on this below too, so yeah.

The planet of Wynkahtu

What worked for me:

  • Hondo and Azmorigan, but Hondo more specifically. I love that guy, man. He’s funny and voiced magnificently as well. Every time he is on screen he steals the show, in my opinion
  • Hera putting Zeb in charge. I loved this, as it gave Zeb a chance to grow, and Ezra a chance to learn a little more respect for his large friend. Did it play out this way? Not really, but you could tell Ezra held Zeb in a little higher esteem at the end of the mission
  • The planet of Wynkahtu. I love these weird atmospheric enviroments. I hope we see it again one day, but wouldn’t count on it
  • The gag with the door. It was hilarious to me that Ezra used his lightsaber to open the door and it later bit them in the arse when Chopper woke the Sentry droids. It was funny

What didn’t:

  • The Sentry Droids. Ugh, another week, another huge missed opportunity for the Legends community. In the original trailers it looked like we were getting a rendition of the Dark Troopers from the Dark Forces video game. Instead, we got Battle Droids on steroids. I hope we get another look at the Sentry Guards this season
  • Ezra not learning his lesson about Hondo. Come on kid, Hondo is funny but you gotta start seeing through his BS at some point, right??
  • Hondo’s utter disregard for the life of his crew of Ugnaughts. He really is morally challenged, and it was starting to look like he was working more towards being a lovable scumbag, not just a scumbag. Dude is still funny as hell to me, though

Overall, it was at the very least entertaining. But I continue to yearn for longer arcs and stories with more meat to them, similar to what we got in The Clone Wars. With Rogue One coming up in less than three weeks, I thought we may have gotten some kind of tie-in, but it certainly appears not. Oh well, here’s to next week and a return to Lohal!

Enjoy this week’s Rebel Recon below as well, these are always pretty good.